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What is the Arduino

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What is the Arduino?

The Arduino is a microprocessor, neatly packaged into a nice modular form factor, clearly labeled for physical computing, and open source so that anyone can tinker, extend, or modify the circuit. It is the ideal platform for open source modular and physical electronics. A far simpler way of saying the same thing is, combining the Arduino with a few other modules is the easiest way to make cool things.


The Arduino form factor is perfect for starting projects and making devices because it is easy to program using only a laptop or desktop, a compiler application, and a USB cable. It’s also cheaper than most other platforms available, like the Basic STAMP, PICmicro, Rabbit, and other platforms. Furthermore, programming the Arduino can be done in a much higher level programming language, called Processing, unlike the other platforms which require in depth knowledge of C, C++ and oftentimes assembly code. It’s not unrealistic for the average Arduino hobbyist to produce a complete working device in 2-3 hours time that would have taken 4-5 days or even a week to create on other platforms.


Finally, the Arduino is a lively, vibrant, and modern online community offering endless support, knowledge, and ideas. Gone are the days of stodgy, lone, gray-haired electronics gurus bickering about circuits on chat rooms. The Arduino community is young, hip, stylistic, and encouraging to new hobbyists. For more information on online resources, just flip through the rest of the book and look out for the URL links to pages, communities, and discussions. Welcome to the exciting world of open source, modular electronics!

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